Methylone and me

I believe myself to be one of the people in the world with the biggest “Methylone experience bank”.

Not only have I records of my own experiences, I have made it a lifestyle to gather information about others as well.

My first time

It is more than 2 years ago I tried it the first time, 31/6-05, I only ingested a dose at 150mg of 99,5% pure yellowish Methylon powder. That was the start of a whole new period in my life, from the first second of effect I knew that this drug had entered my life to stay.

I had tried all types of different mushrooms, amphetamine, 2c-B and 2c-I in small and in big doses but this was the first time I ever felt real euphoria, felt real alive. It was one of the biggest events of my life, and one that should change my life.

I was on a festival with my best friends, it was the second day, and I took out this package that a friend had send me, the others where quite exited, though a little afraid, what was this RC thing? Was it dangerous?

I remember it like was it yesterday, like this little kid getting the biggest present of his life, I opened it, it smelled weird, but still fantastic, like liquorice. I did not want my friends to try it before I was sure it was safe, so the others smoked some hash instead, while watching over me.

After ingesting it I waited, I was so exited, from what I had heard this drug should be fantastic, and after 20 min., I felt it, it WAS fantastic. The euphoria hit me like a truck, I was so overwhelmed by love that I had to say it to all my friends, and right about everyone I saw, the friends laughing because of the hash but still letting me know they felt the same.

One thing I remember especially well was about 1 and a half hour into the trip I wanted to make some hot chocolate, this going well until the water was boiling and I wanted to pour it in a cup, pouring it all over my hand instead making me drop the casserole and looking at my hand, it felt FANTASTIC, my hand was all red and burned but it really felt fantastic (Do not try this a home, it could be dangerous). It wasn’t until the day after I really could feel how burned it was, and then it hurt.

Became my life, my work

Anyway, that was the start of my life with methylone, pretty fast after that, it became a big part of my life. I almost stopped drinking and taking other drugs, every time I went to a party I took methylone, right about every weekend in big periods from then to now, sometimes taking a few weeks off, but almost every weekend. Sometimes telling myself that it was my job to test this drug, using that as an excuse.

The reasons I thought it was my job to test it; was that I gave it to my friends, and I even began selling this drug to people pretty fast (this not being a problem since its legal where I am from).

And people loved it, not only me, but everyone, this only making me like it more. But that also made my feeling of responsibility grow, or was it just a bad excuse?

At first I really thought it was a feeling of responsibility, but as my addiction kept growing and the use got bigger and bigger the feeling of something wrong kept coming, but I always pushed it away with the talk about “How could this be worse than others drinking every weekend?” or “Well, it’s the drug I have tried with the best hangovers!” or “I cannot sell it if I don’t even want to take it myself?”

I never felt bad about selling it, or giving it to my friends, I loved to feel their love when they used it, and I love to see people on methylone for the first time, the happy feeling, the almost overwhelming love they feel.

The uppers and the downers

One of the magic’s about this drug is that you can take it 3 days in a row, without upping your dose.

That is indeed a dangerous feed. That means that I could actually party Thursday, Friday, Saturday without feeling too bombed in school on Monday. And in the start I could even make homework Sunday. But as time went on, and I took it more and more, at some point I began to have the feeling of nothingness afterwards. Feeling of NOT wanting to do ANYTHING other than watch movies and sleep. This feeling would most often leave after a day or 2.

Another magic is that you can keep redosing for hours.

I could always redose in the start, actually I could always redose until lately, for 2 whole years of hardcore use I could redose as much and almost as long as I wanted to (bout 12 hours straight) and almost keep the same effect all the way trough.

There’s almost no tolerance build.

For 2 whole years I took it almost every weekend, often more than one day, and the dose only raised from 150mg to 250mg and I felt almost the same euphoria everytime.

But a few weeks ago, the tolerance finally hit me! I took the same amount as I always did, and nothing happened, after about 40min. I took the same dose again and almost nothing happened. I thought that this was just a onetime thing, and so I tried the week after, exactly the same happened, and the next week after again, I had at last felt the tolerance. Now I have to take about 500mg to really gain effect, and that’s not something I want, so I have stopped, but that’s a lot harder than I thought it would be, now I even want it in the working days, before I could wait for the weekend. I miss it.

The worst thing about methylone is the Amphetamin and MDMA like side effects.

Those being jaw tension, increased perspiration, loss of appetite, and a total kill of one's whole mouth.

Another bad thing is; the sometimes MDMA light like side effect of depression. It’s nothing like the depression I could get from MDMA, and in the start it wasn’t even there, but later on, after heavy use it sometimes came.

And of course “methylone brain” this being the state of mind where you cannot remember what you where just talking about, or wanting to say something while someone else talks and then forget about it when its your turn.

The experiences

On of my own favourite quotes would be; “You haven't tried something before you have tried it on methylone!” and I really lived by this quote sometimes, trying right about everything on methylon:

Masturbating (very nice, but hard to come),
Sex (very good, I can go on for hours, but again, hard to come),
Work (makes work fun, but concentration can be a problem),
Sleep (that’s hard? :S),
Tivoli (big Danish theme park, one of the best days of my life),
Swimming hall (this felt fantastic, especially the Jacuzzi),
Cinema (felt like commenting everything, hard to shut up),
Funny/sad/action/girl/scary movie at home (same as with cinema),
Driving (felt clear headed, but this was a bad idea!),
Playing games (Especially trivial pursuit is really fun on methylone, but games generally is),
Festival (2 years in a row, both times was fantastic),
All sorts of parties (my all-time favourite drug for partying),
Scoring (When I am on methylone I think I can score any girl, and that actually often works!)

Oral Use:
My all-time favourite administration route, this being easy (capsules) and gives a good long effect.

Nasal Use:
Tested it a lot of times, but never really liked it, the dose seems the same as oral dose which is a lot to snort, and if you do it wrong, and you can taste it, you can sometimes taste it for hours.

Rectal Use:
I have tested this 2 times, and it actually felt fantastic, I felt the effects much faster and much more intense than normally, and it worked for almost the same amount of time as oral dose.


My all-time favourite methylone mix is methylone and keta; this giving the ultimate party trip and even the possibility of a very deep self exploring trip.

Some other things I like to mix with methylone is, coke (should always be taken AFTER methylone) alcohol (can give BAD hangovers), ghb, lsd, shrooms and 2c-x. Actually, if you ask me, methylone can make almost any other trip better.

My experience

Since I first took methylone I have tried a whole lot more, 2c-E, 2c-C, Coke, Ketamine, LSD, 5-meo-dipt, DOI, MDMA, Butylone, Salvia, GHB, Staying awake on Zolpidem (that’s fucking weird?) and properly some more, but none has even come close to follow methylone, at least not for me.

Everything has an end, even the best.

No matter how much I have always protested against this, I will have to admit that methylone has addiction potential. I guess everything good has?

Anyway now that I have stopped I can see how much I miss it when it isn’t there. But I really had to stop, I can’t live my life on drugs.

Altogether I think that this drug made me a better person, and I actually believed that I got a lot more out of it, than I lost, but how can I tell where I would be today without it? I hope at least some of you can use this for something,
Love and methylone,

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