Methylone and Mephedrone
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Report with methylone:

Few days ago I led with my girlfriend a ceremony with methylone. We invited some friends to our house and we sat in a circle in our room. I started giving some information about methylone and his effects. Then my girlfriend offered one gelcap containing 160 mg to each person. We were 11 people. We started with a guided meditation; then, when we stated to feel the effect, we let everybody feel it by himself. After a while, the empathy among us started to rise. I was feeling a wonderful state of bliss and joy. Eye contact with the others was very deep: we could share a lot just looking at each other, without need to talk. The feeling of happiness was very clear, calm but deep. I still have this feeling every time I remember that night. At the centre of the circle there was some water and we were often offering it to each other. We were all taking care for each other. The energy was very high. Some of us didn?t take methylone but felt anyway this energy. They were completely at ease with us, feeling this love expanding in very direction. After a couple of hours, when the effect started to fade away, we started a beautiful sharing: each of us talked about his feeling. Everybody had a wonderful experience and said very touching words. Then, we had some few minutes of silence and we closed the ceremony.

* * *

This is the invitation we sent to our friends:
We are happy to invite you to the ceremony we will have on January 24.
The medicine that will be offered has the extraordinary power to facilitate the open the heart. Through this opening we can expand our capacity to love, transform the influence of the past on our lives, have a glimpse of the great possibility of awareness and realisation that we have within ourselves.
The flux of love that this medicine produce show us how to heal and make full of light the relationships with our family, our partner and all the being of the universe.
Above all, it makes us love and forgive ourselves, through a state of deep lovely acceptation.
We thank the human creativity, and the great Mystery that feeds it, for such a delicate and sacred medicine.
J.& L.
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